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Diamond Plate Molding

Aluminum diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal are a great way to give any room an industrial edge without a lot of money or work. However, we also offer a number of accent and trim products designed to complete the look. Whether you need to put the finishing touch on a room decorated with our diamond plate panels or you just want to add a sleek and modernized style to your space, our diamond plate trim and accent products fit the bill.

Diverse Options for Your Space

CutsMetal features many trim and accent options to add that extra bit of style to any room of your house. Here’s a sampling of the many options you have:

  • Diamond plate trim: Our aluminum diamond plate molding or vinyl edge trim molding products complement our diamond plate covers. These products are perfect for any garage, man cave, home gym or other space.

  • Diamond plate outlet covers: Make your electrical outlets and switches stand out and fit into your existing scheme with outlet and switch plate covers in a variety of colors.

  • Diamond plate corner guards: Protect the corners of your walls from damage and connect your diamond plate sheets for a seamless look with our diamond plate corner guards.

  • Diamond plate kick guards: Keep the bottoms of your doors free from scuffs and dents with our easy-to-install kick guards.

  • Diamond plate ceiling tiles: Do something different with your ceilings by replacing standard drop ceiling tiles with our diamond plate tile alternatives.


Easy to Use, Built to Last

No matter what type of aluminum diamond plate trim or accent you choose from us, you can be sure that CutsMetal products are lightweight enough to make installing them a breeze, but also strong enough to stand up to everyday use. Our flexible aluminum products are easy to cut with tin snips or hand shears, so you can customize them for virtually any application. They feature high-quality painted surfaces that won’t chip or flake while you’re cutting or bending them, which makes them simple to install anywhere you want. We also offer a variety of custom cuts and colors for special orders.


The Finishing Touch

CutsMetal’s diamond plate molding and accents make the perfect addition to your basement bar, garage, or any other room that could use an industrial vibe. Take a look at everything we have to offer, then reach out and call to place an order today.