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The Perfect Garage for Your Car

Posted by CutsMetal on

Every car enthusiast knows that you have to protect your vehicle from damage from the weather. Hail, rain, snow, sun, and wind can all cause serious damage to your car or truck, leaving it looking worn and ragged.  The solution for protecting your investment is simple...create the perfect garage for your car!  So how do you get the perfect garage?  You make it durable, useful, and a showplace with diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal!  Our diamond plate is so easy to install and affordable, that you can get professional looking results even if you do it as a DIY project!  

First, you will need to clean and measure the area.  This step will take very little time but is incredibly important.  Why is it so important?  You need accurate measurements to make sure that you order just the right amount of diamond plate, corner guards, and trim for your project.  If you aren't sure how much to order, take the measurements of your garage (or workshop or man cave), and call the experts from CutsMetal at 970-800-3173.  Our specialists will be happy to help you get the right amount of product, as well as all of the accessory items that you need to have the finished look that you desire.  As a rule of thumb, most people order 10% more product than they need for a margin of error.  If you have any diamond plate left over after your project is complete, you can make a storage box, tool chest, or any other number of items with the left over product (for ideas on what to do with any excess product, check out our Customer Gallery for some creative ideas). We offer, not only the traditional chrome colored diamond plate, but the largest selection of colored diamond plate available!   If you do not need help ordering, you can easily order online at our website or our Facebook page...both available 24 hours a day!

A few days after you order and pay for your product, your diamond plate and diamond plate accessories will arrive.  Check out this video on how to unpack and prepare your diamond plate for installation.  Working with our products are super easy and they install very quickly!  Because they are lightweight, one person can easily do the work themselves. Cutting the diamond plate to fit your space, is also easy.  Check out this video on how to cut the diamond plate.  Installation is also a breeze!  Our trim, transition pieces, and corner guards will help with the ease of installation, as well as give your project a professional looking finish!

You can turn your garage into an area to show off your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle, with diamond plate sheets and accessories.  As an added bonus, any real estate agent can tell you that finishing your garage, will improve the value of your property!  To find out more about our diamond plate and how you can use it for your next DIY project, call CutsMetal at 970-800-3173.  Durable, affordable, lightweight, and easy to install...why would you use anything else to protect your car from the elements?!

Perfect garage for your car can be made with diamond plate from CutsMetal!