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Diamond Plate Sheets - Colors

For a more unique look, try these painted decorative sheet metal wall panels.  Don't want all the reflectivity of the polished product? Our gunmetal gray color will give you the industrial look that you need for your garage wall panels with a matte finish.  Imagine black diamond plate sheets on the walls of your man cave.  We also carry these sheets in red and white.  Other colors may be available for large orders (more than 60 sheets).

These sheets are NOT aluminum foil.  Aluminum foils are in the .002 to .003 thickness range.  These are NOT a plastic diamond plate imitation that will crack over time.  Don't settle for faux diamond plate wallpaper when you can have real embossed aluminum sheets for less.

These thin diamond plate sheets will add flair and protection to your walls.  They are made from .025 (just under 1/32") flexible aluminum sheets that have a high quality painted surface suitable for indoor or outdoor applications  The painted surface is building material quality painted aluminum that will NOT flake or chip when cutting or bending.

These sheets are rolled with a loose diameter and boxed for shipping and are guaranteed to not crimp.  We have custom heavy duty boxes that will protect your products from our warehouse to your doorstep. A plastic PVC coating allows you to install the sheets safely and then remove to keep fingerprints and adhesives off of the finished side.

You won’t find an easier product to work with. Tin snips will work for short cuts and for longer lines, a hand shear will easily cut through. Check out our other top trim, corner guards and diamond plate switch covers to complete your project.

After exploring the colors, check out our IDEA gallery for inspiration. If you have questions or custom cuts, contact us today!