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Decorative Wall Panels Using Diamond Plate

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Tired of the same old paint and wallpaper choices?  Want to give your room a splash of something unique...but on a budget?  Then you should consider using decorative wall panels made of cosmetic diamond plate from CutsMetal!  Our cosmetic diamond plate has a more intricate design than most distributors of diamond plate carry!  You can use the 3D wall panels of diamond plate in many different and unique ways.  Best of all, CutsMetal diamond plate is super affordable and easy to install

Diamond plate wall panels from CutsMetal come in a variety of sizes and colors.  We are the only distributor of cosmetic grade red diamond plate!  What is cosmetic grade diamond plate?  Cosmetic grade means that the diamond plate is very thin and easy to work with.  It is .025 thickness (meaning it is only about 1/32" thick) and can be easily cut and handled by almost anyone!  Take a look here to see all of the colors that our diamond plate is available in (polished silverblack, red, whitegunmetal gray).  Because our product comes in so many colors, you can get the exact look that you want!

So how can you use our embossed diamond plate (that's right, it is not just a painted on is actually embossed in the aluminum sheet)?  It is perfect in the bathroom or kitchen to cover your entire wall.  Porous wood or tile sheets can harbor and grow all types of mold, mildew, and germs in the little nooks and crannies.  However, you CutsMetal aluminum sheets will keep your family safe and healthy!  In addition, the smooth surface make cleanup a breeze!

You can also use the decorative diamond plate as tiles or wainscoting!  You can either cut the sheets yourself, or you can custom order the size of sheets that you want.  CutsMetal diamond plate makes a great addition to any room when used as an accent to show off your design skills.  Because our colored diamond plate comes in a variety of colors, you are sure to find a color that contrasts and brings out the other items in your room.  For some great ideas, visit our Customer Gallery on our website. 

Gone are the days of paint fumes, grout, and messy wallpaper paste!  You can order your decorative wall panels from CutsMetal by calling 970-800-3173 or online at our website.  Order your decorative wall panels made of cosmetic diamond plate today from CutsMetal!

Commercial bathroom using diamond plate wall panels from CutsMetal  Black diamond plate wainscoting by CutsMetal