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5 Reasons To Use Diamond Plate Corner Guards

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5 Reasons To Use Diamond Plate Corner Guards

Do you want industrial-chic corner guards made from durable material? Sturdy aluminum diamond plate corner guards from CutsMetal make it easy for you to reinforce wall corners in style. Whether you’re outfitting your home or business, we can help you protect your walls. We share five reasons to use diamond plate corner guards.

1. Protect Finished Corners

Outside corners are vulnerable to wear and tear. If the outside corner projects into a high-traffic area, there’s an increased chance that people or objects will repeatedly run into or brush against the corner. Without a corner guard, contact like this can wear down the corner and cause the drywall to become uneven.

2. Avoid Repairs

When a corner gets banged up, you need to repair it in a timely manner. Depending on the severity of the problem, the repair project can be a minor inconvenience or a greater hassle—from fixing the drywall and matching the paint to replacing the corner bead. You can avoid such repairs by using corner guards, saving money and time.

3. Use Durable Material

You need corner guards made from durable material so that they hold up and look great over time. Made with an aluminum alloy, diamond plate corner guards resist dents and scratches. Additionally, the diamond pattern camouflages scuffs better than a visually flat surface does. Plus, you can shine the corner guards to keep them looking new over time.

4. Upgrade the Room’s Style

The glossy, embossed diamond plate does more than protect corners—it makes them look better. Since they have an industrial-chic look, our diamond plate corner guards are popular to use in spaces like garages, man caves, and home gyms. Our diamond plate corner guards can help add a stylish, seamless look to your space.

5. Easily Install Your Custom Guards

Another reason to use diamond plate corner guards is that they’re easy to install. We offer corner guards at .025” thickness (cosmetic grade) or .045” thickness (light duty). Additionally, you can choose between chrome, black, red, gunmetal gray, glacier gray, and white for your cosmetic diamond plate.

Further, you can order guards at 12”, 24”, 36”, and 48” lengths, or a custom length up to 48”. Once you receive your order, you can use a construction adhesive or hardware to mount the guards, depending on the wall material and your style preference.

Protect corners with diamond plate corner guards from CutsMetal. Our beautiful aluminum diamond plate guards stylishly reinforce wall corners, creating a look you can enjoy for a long time. Check out our corner guards today.