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5 Common Ways To Decorate With Diamond Plate

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5 Common Ways To Decorate With Diamond Plate

You can take advantage of the versatility of cosmetic diamond plate to decorate your home or business. Use diamond plate to provide subtle accents or create bold industrial looks.

Whatever the size of your decorating project, diamond plate can help you achieve the look you want. Learn five common ways to decorate with diamond plate.

1. Draw the Eye With an Accent Wall

Cosmetic diamond plate makes it easy to create a bold accent wall in an industrial style. People often use diamond plate for garage walls, gyms, and man caves. You can easily apply these aluminum alloy sheets to your wall to add shine and texture to your space.

2. Wrap a Room in Wainscoting

If you’d rather not have floor-to-ceiling diamond plate, you can use this material for wainscoting. This common way to decorate with diamond plate adds a layer of protection to the lower half of your walls. But the biggest benefit is the style these plates will add to your space.

3. Elevate Your Space With Ceiling Tiles

Replace boring, predictable ceiling tiles with diamond plate tiles. Add character to your man cave, garage, or workshop with embossed diamond plate. You can select from red, white, black, and gunmetal gray to find the right color for the room.

4. Protect Doors With Kick Plates

Our cosmetic diamond plate adds a layer of protection to your everyday surfaces. You can apply the material to the bottom of your doors as kick plates. The plate will protect your doors from bumps and kicks. Whereas kicked doors turn dull, it’s easy to polish the diamond plate back to a bright shine.

5. Add Style to Baseboards

Use diamond plate baseboards to hide gaps and imperfections where a wall meets the floor. Most homes have this trim, but you can use this special material to make a room stand out. Give your space a polished look by accenting the perimeter with diamond plate baseboards.

Decorate With CutsMetal

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