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3 Reasons To Choose Diamond Plate Corner Guards

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3 Reasons To Choose Diamond Plate Corner Guards

Corner guards protect wall corners from dents, scratches, and other impact damage. Whether you’re protecting corners in high-traffic areas of your business or your home, diamond plate corner guards are the perfect material to use. Read about three reasons to choose diamond plate corner guards.

1. Durable Protection

One of the top reasons people install diamond plate corner guards is that they want durable protection. While corner guards can protect any outward-jutting corner in your home or business, they’re especially useful in high-traffic areas.

If you own a business where people routinely push machinery or heavy devices, you can install a diamond plate corner guard to reliably protect your walls. And, of course, the same is true if you’re applying these guards in a residential setting. Avoid the hassle and cost of corner repairs by protecting your walls with corner guards.

2. Easy Installation

Another reason to choose diamond plate corner guards is that they’re easy to install. Diamond plate products are DIY-friendly. Whether you want to install the guards with an adhesive or screws, the process takes very little time.

Choose between cosmetic corner guards at .025 thickness or light-duty guards at .045 thickness. Standard lengths are 12”, 24”, 36”, and 48”, but we can produce any custom length for you up to 48”.

The most common way to apply a corner guard is with contractor’s adhesive or contact cement. Make sure the wall is clean, add the adhesive in a zig-zag pattern to the corner guard, then apply the guard to the wall. Once finished, you can remove the protective PVC film, and you’ll have a shiny, smudge-free surface.

3. Customized Style

Finally, these embossed metallic pieces add style to any space. Whether you want an industrial, modern, or rustic look, the diamond pattern and sheen stand out from other corner guard materials. While the chrome color has the most reflective appearance, if you choose the cosmetic-grade diamond plate, you can also choose between red, black, white, and gray to fit your design.

Diamond plate corner guards can finish out the look of a room that has other diamond plate accents, such as wainscoting. Create a smooth look by covering diamond plate with diamond plate. Or coordinate the room with diamond plate trim and diamond plate corner guards. Whatever your vision for the space, let diamond plate corner guards help you achieve the look.

Diamond plate trim from CutsMetal makes it easy for you to update your commercial or residential space. Protect your walls from damage and make them look better than before with diamond plate corner guards. Select your dimensions and preferred color today.