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Aluminum Decorative Diamond Plate Idea Gallery

Diamond Plate Garages, Man Caves, Diamond Plate Ceiling Tiles and Bars!

There are 1,001 uses for aluminum diamond plate sheets. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture for every use - but here is what our customers are doing...looks great, guys!

Aluminum diamond plate sheets are a great way to liven up your garage, bar, or just about anything you can think of.  Some of our favorite diamond plate customer projects are listed below. Be sure to check out the diamond plate bar, cabinets, dog trailer, and tricked out bedrooms!

At CutsMetal, we are always excited to see the awesome ways our customers are using their aluminum diamond plate sheets, so keep sending us your pictures!  We especially love to see projects using our red and black aluminum diamond plates! You can use our products as decorative metal sheets for nearly any project. Check out some ideas below: