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Need some help designing your dream garage?

CutsMetal has the diamond plate sheets and accessories to make your space uniquely yours.  Why spend time working in a space that does not please  you?  Get dirty and look good doing it!  Clean up all the clutter, organize your tools and finish it off with tough aluminum diamond plate wall panels.  All of the following garage ideas were provided either by us or our customers.  Use these thin diamond plate sheets to transform a mediocre design into the envy of your neighborhood.  These sheets are easy to cut, so they make an ideal medium for the do-it-yourselfer.  Try refacing those old cabinets to give your garage a little shine or run a black diamond plate border along the baseboard or ceiling. 

What is better than a motorcycle in your garage? A place to park it that will reflect its awesomeness right back at you? Check out our diamond plate garage ideas, create your own and then send us a picture.