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  • Diamond plate .025 Seams
  • Color choices
Gunmetal Gray (dark)
"Chrome" (reflective/polished)
Glacier Gray (light) - NEW COLOR!!
  • Diamond plate seams About 2" wide

Diamond Plate Seam Covers


Product Description

Diamond Plate Seam Covers


These diamond plate seam covers are made from our .025 (cosmetic) or our .045 (light duty) Diamond Plate. Standard sizes for our sheet metal seams are 2" wide and 12", 24", 36" or 48" in length. We are able to produce any custom length that you require, up to 48" or any width.  Please call us at 970-800-3173 if you have multiple seams or need custom sizes.

Please note .045 is ONLY available in silver. 

The edges are rolled on the .025 product for a finished look, but the top and bottom are not. The .045 seam covers are flat with raw edges. The diamond plate seam covers come with PVC protective film for removal during installation.

Diamond Plate Wall Trim Installation: Typically, for drywall applications, Heavy Duty Liquid Nails for Paneling is easy to use and readily available at any hardware store, but any contractor's adhesive or contact cement will work.  You will want to match the type of adhesive to the material to which you are mounting the corner.  Diamond plate wall trim can also be used to give your corners that industrial look.

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