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Tips for Cleaning Aluminum Diamond Cut Sheets

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Tips for Cleaning Aluminum Diamond Cut Sheets

One of the best qualities of aluminum diamond plates is the sheen. It’s easy to keep this material looking bright and eye-catching.

Clean and shine your diamond plate to make it look good as new. Follow these tips for cleaning aluminum diamond cut sheets.

Use Warm Water for Basic Cleaning

Use a mild cleaning solution and a soft, clean rag to get rid of dirt, spotting, and grime. Harsh detergents and cleaners are often overkill, and treating the material gently helps preserve its luster and prevents abrasions.

In many situations, warm water is enough to clean the diamond plate. Spray warm water onto the material, then immediately wipe it up with a clean, soft rag to prevent streaks and spots.

Use a Mild Cleaning Solution

If you need something stronger for cleaning aluminum diamond cut sheets, use this next tip. You can mix one part white vinegar with one part water for a cleaning solution. Before you clean the whole surface, always clean a patch to test how the cleaner affects the material. Dip your soft rag or nonabrasive sponge into the cleaner, and then gently scrub the diamond plate clean.

You don’t need to saturate the rag or sponge with the solution. Just rub enough for wiping the surface. Then, immediately wipe the surface dry with a clean, soft rag.

Shine and Protect With Polish

You can apply a metal polish to preserve the refreshed look of the diamond plate. Doing this on a regular basis reduces how much you’ll have to clean the material, too. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and always do a patch test before applying any solution to the entire surface. Wipe the product in a circular motion until the diamond plate shines brightly.

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