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Tiny Houses using Diamond Plate from CutsMetal

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Tiny Houses are all the rage in America.  People are fed up with rising cost of housing and are looking for an alternative that is less expensive.  Tiny Houses are the perfect answer for avoiding the financial burden of a large mortgage!  So how in the world do you make your tiny home look like a customized palace?  You can make even the smallest of spaces look larger with silver diamond plate  (sometimes called tread plate or checker plate also) from CutsMetal

The reflective qualities of diamond plate from CutsMetal, will reflect the light and make your space look brighter and twice as large.  Because it will look so much larger, you and your guests will get the illusion that you tiny home is more homey and inviting!  Because your tiny house has the silver diamond plate which reflects light, you need to use less lighting fixtures to brighten up your space (therefore saving even more money with your Tiny House)!  Also, because of the metal diamond plate, any heat generated inside your home during the winter, will reflect and stay inside your home (saving even more money)!

There are other qualities of diamond plate from CutsMetal that is very appealing to tiny home owners.  First, our diamond plate is not as porous as other building materials like drywall, tile, or wood.  Therefore, it is much easier to clean and more resistant to stains.  A less porous surface also means that mold, mildew, and germs don't have a place to grow, leaving your tiny home a safer environment for you and your family!

Another great quality of diamond plate from CutsMetal is that it is super easy to install.  Even if you already have a tiny home, you can easily install our diamond plate in your entire home in just one weekend with relatively little mess!  Take a look at this video that shows just how easy our diamond plate is to install.  Because our diamond plate is cosmetic grade, although it is super durable, it is also very lightweight!  We even have corner guards, transitional pieces, and edging to make installation a breeze and make your home safer.

There are so many reasons to use diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal, inside your tiny home!  To order your diamond plate, call us at 970-800-3173 or order online at our website or Facebook page.  Customize your tiny house with diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal to make it safer, brighter, and more efficient for you and your family!

Diamond plate from CutsMetal will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger and will protect from mildew and mold  Diamond plate from CutsMetal makes your stairs look better lit