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Factors To Consider When Buying Diamond Plate Sheets

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Factors To Consider When Buying Diamond Plate Sheets

You can use diamond plate sheets in a variety of ways, from adding an industrial touch to a room’s design to protecting your recreational vehicle. No matter how you intend to use diamond plate, you want to choose the best product.

Select a durable material that will look great after many years. Keep in mind these factors to consider when buying diamond plate sheets.


Metal fabricators beat aluminum alloy into sheets of varying thicknesses to produce lightweight, durable diamond plate. Before you buy diamond plate, the first thing you want to think about is how you want to use it. You need to choose the right thickness for your project.

For example, cosmetic diamond plate sheets just .025” thick are perfect for DIY home projects such as wainscoting. At this level, the material is very easy to work with and appropriately thick for your interior home wall. But if you want to build a truck bed diamond plate toolbox, you’ll need a thicker, more rigid plate at .063” for increased durability.


Color is the second important factor to consider when buying diamond plate sheets. While you’ve probably seen reflective silver diamond plate more than any other version, you have a lot of colors to choose from.

CutsMetal carries sheets in red, white, black, gunmetal, and glacier gray. These options can customize the look of your truck bed or trailer. You can also use colored diamond plate sheets to add the finishing touch to your home or office.


Finally, before you buy diamond plate, consider how much material you’ll need. Once you receive your order, you’ll find it easy to drill, cut, punch, and bend these aluminum sheets.

CutsMetal offers custom sizes and cuts, too, so reach out to us if you have a request. Whether you want thick diamond plate for a toolbox or thinner plate to cover an entire wall, we can help.

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