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Colored Diamond Plate on Your Camper

Posted by CutsMetal on

When most people think of adding diamond plate accents to their camper, RV, or trailer, they often think no further than the polished silver diamond plate that we are all familiar with.  However, CutsMetal offers a variety of colored diamond plate that can be used on interiors or exteriors!  Besides the original Polished Silver Diamond Plate, CutsMetal offers Black Diamond Plate, Red Diamond Plate, White Diamond Plate, and Gunmetal Gray Diamond Plate!  

Because CutsMetal has a variety of colors for you to choose from for your RV, camper, or trailer, you can get just the look that you want while protecting your investment for years to come!  Diamond plate from CutsMetal is so versatile, that our diamond plate can be used on the interior or the exterior of your RV, Camper, or trailer!  

Outside, CutsMetal diamond plate will provide added protection to your vehicle or trailer.  Weather and debris on the roads can really take a toll on the outside of you investment!  Salt, sun, sand, chemicals, ice, rocks, hail, even rain, can all dent the vehicle, cause rust to form, or even chip or fade the paint.  Once the original protective coating on your vehicle has been compromised, damage can happen and spread very quickly!  If you protect your vehicle with diamond plate from CutsMetal, the elements can no longer cause damage to your car and give it extra "armor".  

Inside, CutsMetal diamond plate can cover up outdated or damaged areas of your RV, Trailer, or Camper.  It also works incredibly well at preventing damage from wear and tear!  When you purchase an older RV or camper, it often has outdated paneling and fixtures.  You can instantly make your older RV or camper look contemporary and modern with diamond plate from CutsMetal!  Because we offer so many different colors, you can get a sleek, contemporary, modern, or any other kind of look that you want.

CutsMetal is the pioneer of online cosmetic diamond plate sales.  To order your diamond plate for your next project, call us at 970-800-3173.  You can also order online at our website.  Be sure to check out our Customer Gallery for more ideas!

Trailer renovation using diamond plate from CutsMetal