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3 DIY Ideas That Use Diamond Plate Sheets

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Diamond plate sheets can be used on outdoor surfaces, in interior decorating, and even on furniture. Create stylish and durable surfaces with easy-to-use diamond plate.

Whether you have a small-scale project or a large undertaking, use this lightweight aluminum material to accomplish your goals. Get inspired with these three DIY ideas that use diamond plate sheets.

1. Camper or Trailer Trim

Embossed cosmetic diamond plate sheets look great as a trim on your camper or trailer. Protect the walls of your trailer from ugly dents and scratches.

Use diamond plate to cover rough or cracked edges on the trailer. The shiny metal looks great as it protects your trailer from kicked-up debris. Consider installing diamond plate fender covers for a seamless look. This DIY project uses diamond plate sheets to meet your trailer’s cosmetic and practical needs.

2. Workbench Backsplash

Install diamond plate as a workbench backsplash to improve the appearance of your workspace and protect your walls. Depending on the work you do, the backsplash protects your walls from spattering and debris from grinding and sanding.

You can easily attach diamond plate to the wall with construction adhesive. Apply the diamond plate to the entire section of the wall behind the workbench. Or cover just a few inches of the wall above your workbench and use the rest of the space to store tools and other items. You can caulk the space where the backsplash meets the countertop to create a seal.

3. Industrial-Style Furniture

Finally, you can apply cosmetic diamond plate to furniture to give it new life. Side tables and dressers are particularly great options for this project. Your revamped furniture will look especially great in spaces such as a man cave, themed bedroom, garage, or media room.

Take a side table or dresser and cover the doors with the aluminum diamond plate. You can use construction adhesive to apply the material. You can paint the table, and even the diamond plate, to further customize the look. Or choose a colorful diamond plate, such as red or white, to immediately add color as you install.

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