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  • Aluminum diamond plate wall panels from CutsMetal are a cost effective and beautiful addition to your work space.
  • These aluminum diamond plate 4x8 wall panels are great for wainscoting your garage, business or man cave. .024" Diamond plate sheets are thin and easy to work with, and they look sick!
  • .024" Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheet - looks great, thin, easy to work with, yet durable diamond plate. Aluminum Diamond Plate 4x8 is our most popular product for a reason!

48" x 96" Aluminum Diamond Plate


Product Description

Aluminum Diamond Plate 4x8

Size: 4'x 8' Diamond Plate Aluminum (48" x 96")

Material: Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheet

Diamond Plate Aluminum Thickness: .025(little less than 1/32" thick)

Embossed aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheets are all over the internet...but what are you really looking to use your diamond plate sheets for? If you are looking to make your garage or a room in your business, or home really pop, or if you need a material that is easy to handle and install, then what you really need is our .025" thick embossed aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheets.

Our sheets of aluminum diamond plate are cheaper, lighter, and more flexible than other 4x8 diamond plate sheets online---and they look great. These diamond plate aluminum sheets look great when used as a wainscoting or wall guard---especially when paired with other colored diamond plate sheets (silver and black are one of our favorites). And because they are so thin, they're much lighter, more affordable, and much easier for anyone to handle and install using simple tools. Easily add a tough, industrial look to any surface with out diamond plat aluminum.

CutsMetal provides custom cut diamond plate sheets in nearly any size up to 4' x 10'. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need a large quantity order or email us if you have custom sizes within the range of 4'x10'. These silver diamond plate sheets look great, but don't forget to check out our other painted aluminum diamond plate 4x8 products! These 4x8 aluminum tread plate sheets are also available in black, red, gunmetal gray and other colors.

Installation: Installing 4x8 embossed aluminum diamond plate sheets (or any other diamond plate sheet), is easy using a heavy duty contractors adhesive or self-tapping screws, and simple tools. Check out our installation videos and ideas gallery to learn more about our sheets of aluminum diamond plate for sale.

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