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.025" Cosmetic Grade Embossed Diamond Plate


Product Description

What is cosmetic grade embossed diamond plate?

Cosmetic grade diamond plate is a thin aluminum sheet that has the button embossed into the metal. Embossed cosmetic diamond plate sheets are a light weight, flexible alternative to heavier and more rigid diamond plate products. It is easy to cut with tin snips or hand shears, making it our favorite material for DIY projects. You can mold embossed cosmetic diamond plate sheets around soft curves to wrap beams or posts, or you can use a light duty siding brake to easily achieve a sharp 90 degree bend. Cosmetic diamond plate gives you the look of diamond plate and the toughness and durability of diamond plate without all the difficulties of working with thicker materials. The biggest advantage to the cosmetic grade is price. Not only is the sheet itself significantly cheaper than thicker materials, but we can ship PVC protected sheets rolled, boxed and delivered to your doorstep without breaking the bank. All the bling, without the cha, ching!

We can cut and ship any size of embossed cosmetic diamond plate sheets up to 48" x 120". Mounting can be done using a variety of products including double sided tape, contractor's adhesives, screws or rivets. Cosmetic diamond plate is commonly used for wainscoting wall guards and trim but can be used in thousands of applications. Protect gym and fitness center walls, accent your garage, trim out the trailer or take your man cave to the next level. Use your creativity!

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