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How does my order ship?

Materials that are over .030 thick ship flat in secured cardboard packages via FedEx.  Thinner materials, under .030, are rolled and boxed for shipping.  Our boxes are produced specifically for our products. They are double-walled and large enough that you will have beautiful, undamaged metal delivered to your doorstep.  The material easily unrolls and you can gently roll the material in the opposite direction if you need it to lay flat.

What are included in the shipping expenses?

Materials that are rolled are boxed are based on dimensional weight.  The box is large and heavy duty to protect your materials.  Plus, we use FedEx because we have determined that they are able to get the box to you in good shape. The ability to roll materials and ship small parcels is a significant savings over shipping across traditional freight lines and we are able to ship to residences.  So in comparison to trying to ship flat sheets where the minimum charge is around $300, we are able to deliver to your doorstep for a fraction of that cost.

Is Cosmetic Diamond Plate "real" Diamond Plate?

Well actually, we think it is better for some applications, especially wainscoting or wall covering.  The diamond plate pattern is pressed into a 100% bright aluminum sheet.  The button is recessed on the back which creates a space for the adhesive to pool, creating a solid bond. The material is easily cut with  tin snips or light gauge metal shears, alleviating the need for heavier industrial tools needed to cut thicker materials. Also, the ability to roll sheets makes shipping affordable.  If you would like to see it for yourself, please ask for a sample. We are happy to put a piece in your hands. We stock it in several painted colors as well.  So it is "real" affordable and it is "real" aluminum and the pattern looks "real", so you be the judge.

Why should I buy from CutsMetal.net?

Cutsmetal is a family owned business.  We are small enough that someone from our family has touched every piece of metal that goes out the door, however, we have been on the web for nearly 9 years and we have quite a wealth of knowledge about our products.  Call us!  Someone will answer the phone most likely, but if you get a message, rest assured that someone will return your call within 30 minutes M-F 8-5 MST.  We are committed to your satisfaction because we believe in our products and appreciate you, our customers! We want to serve you.  Got a problem?  Please let us know. We are adamant that our customers are happy with their purchases!