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4 Affordable Ways to Use Diamond Plate In The Kitchen

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Remodeling your kitchen is usually one of the costliest, messiest, and time consuming projects that you can tackle in your home.  However, when you use diamond plate from CutsMetal, you will get a beautifully remodeled kitchen with very little mess, very little down time, and very affordable!  We are going to go over 4 ways that you can use diamond plate to get the kitchen that you have always dreamed of!

According to Consumer Reports, when you resurface your cabinets, you can increase the value of your home by 3-7%!  When you use easy to install diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal, your profit margin increases!  Our diamond plate is so affordable and installs very quickly.  You can have your entire kitchen cabinets resurfaced for about half the cost and a third of the time of traditional ways of resurfacing cabinets!  Even if you are a novice at DIY, you can easily apply CutsMetal cosmetic diamond plate to the surface of your cabinets.  

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your kitchen, is by adding a new backsplash.  When you use aluminum diamond plate from CutsMetal as your backsplash, you will add a unique, sleek looking addition to your kitchen.  Using diamond plate as your backsplash can brighten up your entire kitchen...especially the counter areas.  Unlike tile or other types of backsplashes, cosmetic diamond plate from CutsMetal won't break or crack and installs in just a few hours.  Another added benefit of using diamond plate for your backsplash, is that unlike porous tile, diamond plate won't breed bacteria and other germs.

Ceiling tiles add extra flare to your kitchen that sets it apart from all other houses on the real estate market.  Ever had something splash up on your kitchen ceiling?  It can be incredibly difficult to clean!  However, when you have CutsMetal diamond plate as your ceiling tiles, it's less porous surface is very easy to clean!  CutsMetal can even do custom cuts if you want special sizes.  Because our product is lightweight, you can use either small or larger sheets without worrying about the weight on the ceiling or it falling down.  

A last way of improving your kitchen using diamond plate from CutsMetal, is adding it as wall panels or wainscoting.  Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to install the diamond plate on your walls!  You can add the diamond plate to your walls and change the entire look of your kitchen within a few hours...and without all of the mess of a traditional kitchen remodel.  

CutsMetal has the highest quality and most affordable cosmetic diamond plate on the market.  To order our diamond plate, call our experts at 970-800-3173.  You can also order on our website or on our Facebook page! 

Diamond plate from CutsMetal on the surface of cabinets.  Diamond plate from CutsMetal as a backsplash

Diamond plate ceiling tiles from CutsMetal

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