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More Colors to Fit Your Style!

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For years, people have turned to using diamond plate sheets when decorating their garage, man cave, workshop, or vehicles.  Now, because CutsMetal has a huge selection of cosmetic, colored diamond plate sheets, the sky is the limit when decorating using diamond plate!  Our many colors of diamond plate, let you use this product in any room of your home or business.  The applications are unlimited!  Let's take a look at a few ways that you can use the colored diamond plate from CutsMetal to reflect your style, while protecting your room!

CutsMetalhas recently added a beautiful Glacier Gray Diamond Plate to compliment their existing Gunmetal Gray Diamond Plate!  The addition of the new color, has many sports fans cheering!  The new color matches the team colors of many college and professional teams!  You can now use any of the colored diamond plate offered by CutsMetal (chrome, black, white, red, gunmetal gray, and glacier gray), to decorate any room of your home (garage, workshop, man cave, kitchen, family room, even laundry room) using your team's colors!  What a fantastic way to show your team spirit!

In addition to premiering our new Glacier Gray Diamond Plate, CutsMetal has recently revealed our new colored diamond plate outlet covers and switch plate covers!  Imagine finishing off your room in style with our durable covers and plate...only now you have choices of colors to match your room!  With our selection of colors of diamond plate switch plates and outlet covers, you can match or contrast with the other colors in your room, to make the whole are pop with style!  We have the following colors available in our plates and covers:  chrome, black, white, red, and gunmetal gray!

Of course, let's not ignore the obvious decorating choice using quality diamond plate from CutsMetal...wall panels and wainscoting!  For years, people have been using our cosmetic diamond plate sheets as wall panels and wainscoting because they are so easy to install and protect your DIY project for many years to come!  Now that we have even more colors of diamond plate to choose from, decorating your space using our diamond plate wall panels and wainscoting, is even easier.

Let your design style show through using colored diamond plate sheets from CutsMetal.  You can easily order online at our website or on our Facebook page.  You can also call the diamond plate experts from CutsMetal at 970-800-3173.  Your room will be a hit with all your family and friends when you use colored diamond plate from CutsMetal!

Colored diamond plate choices from CutsMetal

Colored diamond plate switch plates and outlet covers from CutsMetal.

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